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Start referring your friends and followers to Credit Agent Plus Programs and starting earning commission.  In addition our affiliates can earn higher commissions when they become a member.

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Credit Agent Plus wants to help you grow and make money while you learn.




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Refer Friends and Family with your affiliate code

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Join Credit Agent Plus College or Basic Package and you are automatically enrolled into our internal affiliate program.

Refer Friends and Family with your affiliate code and receive a higher commission.

Earn your commission after the 2nd Payment is received.

Access to Affiliate Marketing information

Additional income potential in our Annual Revenue Sharing Model

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Join Credit Agent Plus Ultimate Credit Power for Business and you are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program

Recieved all benefits of an affiliate plus additional income streams to include: 

Annual Revenue Sharing Model

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How to Get Started

How to get started with Credit Agent Plus Affiliate Team. As a Credit Agent Plus Sales Affiliate you will refer your friends and followers to purchase a program on credit restoration and credit power to help business owners find credit and financing for their small business. You will be paid 15% for every sale.

Consistent Communication

Our online training plus weekly conference calls will keep you motivated and in the loop how to refer more sales and increase your income potential. 

Proactive Productivity

Flexibility. Our affiliates can earn more money with our marketing ads and initiatives so you can productively create a truly passive income stream. 

Team Dynamics

No matter if your goal is to create a part-time income as a Sales Affiliate or become a six figure earner partner, our motto is T.E.A.M. and together we grow! 


Product Training

You will learn about the 11 different products to help people create a better credit score and financial life.  In addition, our online courses offer business credit  and commercial lending education for small business owners.


Productivity - Lead Generation

We find the people and you close the deal. At Credit Agent Plus, we use online marketing strategies to create leads for you to apply your training right away.   We provide you with warm leads and strategies to find more leads.

Becoming a successful  affiliate at Credit Agent Plus is an exciting opportunity  to help people change their financial life . We are grateful you have considered partnering up and invite you to join our training program that can lead to an exciting  opportunity.  If you are interested in getting more information send us your email below. 
— Sandra Weston

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