Break Free From Credit Bondage In Your Life. 

The PowerBook to Creating Financial Freedom.


The Power Book to Financial Freedom

Learn how to unlock the power in you to achieve success in your financial life.

Power Principles

We will cover biblical power principles that are meant to provide you with the tools to create wealth in your life.

Powerful Purpose

Learn how to Define Your Purpose grounded in the gifts and talents that God provided to you before the day you were born.

Powerful Strategies

Each power principles will help you develop your own purpose driven financial plan called The 8:18 Plan. 

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These God given strategies will help you discover a fullfilled financial life.


"I love how fun and easy to read this book. The testimonies bring out the truth about why we are all responsible to become wealthy."

Jessica Smith
Book Lovers Club

"Amen! This books is powerful addition to understanding the real meaning of prosperity. "

Sarah Benson
Readers United

"The book will help you build up your faith in God. "

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Taylor Jones

Sandra Y. Weston

Founder and Co-creator of The Credit Agent Plus Academy. After 25 years as an accountant, investment and credit analyst, and underwriter. Sandra became a commercial real estate expert, closing over $2 billion dollars in multi family, office, retail, hotel and senior housing projects. 

 In 2009, after filing bankruptcy Sandra overcame financial distress by xcombining financial principles with Biblical principles to create a powerful financial plan. Now she has created an online platform to help people create a blessed financial plan that is grounded  in God promises.


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