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Understanding the New Ultra FICO Score for 2019


How will the New Ultra FICO score help you? Probably not as much as you would hope. That is simply because in the world of Credit Scores (or what the creditors call risk assessments)  the scoring system will always benefit the creditors. That is even more true today that ten years ago, thanks to AI Technology and machine learning, our credit scores are getting more complex. For some this will be great news and for others understanding the credit industry just got a little harder. 

But should you care?  No, not really. Here is the bottom line credit scores are for creditors! Your responsibility is to maximize your financial life. But how can you do this if the rules of the game keep changing?  In our introductory course, “What Creditors Don’t Want You To Know”  we lay out the groundwork of how credit is evaluated and why consumers should focus on creating healthy habits to money management and create their own credit strategy instead of...

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