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About Us

The Power to Change Your Financial Life.

We believe everyone deserves financial freedom. But not everyone has equitable access to achieve success.  Credit Agent Plus Academy is an online platform developed for equal access to wealth building principles; by teaching financial literacy that combines life lessons; with practical coaching. Together we can change financial lives one person at a time.  The goal is to help people achieve their own power by learning about Credit, Personal Finance, and Wealth Management. Below are some of our current initiatives and specialized programs.

Faith Based Financial Coach™

We offer traditional financial planning, but incorporate our trademarked "Faith Based Financial Coaching" and The 8:18 Wealth Plan Workshop™ to help millions of people who suffered through the 2008 financial crisis or have experienced a significant financial loss learn to recover.  Recovering from these experiences requires much more than just a traditional financial plan.  Credit Agent Plus Academy begins the process with traditional courses in Credit Education, Personal Wealth and Entrepreneurship then adds faith based concepts.

WealthBuilder System™

Much like playing a video game you have to start at Level One and work your way up to win the game.  Our unique online platform has a wealth-builder model that combines technology, education, plus partnerships in order to create strategies that will help everyday ordinary people create success and "win" in their financial life. 

Our goal is to help you grow through each level of the program and through each financial transition in life.  We incorporate videos, webinars, and traditional curriculum to help our members learn and grow.  We are always developing new curriculum to add and new tools to help you reach your goals.   

Own It! Financial Freedom™

Our online High School and College Initiative Program helps student learn basic financial literacy by understanding that they own their own financial freedom. Ownership means two things in this program, our student members learn and understand that they are accountable for their financial choices. Secondly, we teach them that ownership is everything, they learn the importance of ownership of assets, patents and copyrights. Teaching them to take ownership of their ideas and their entire financial life.  We also give back to high-schools and colleges with our scholarship program and free memberships for participating schools. If you know of school that could use our help feel free to reach out to us at our contact information below.

It's A Family Economy™

Teaching young children about money and credit may sound strange, but interestingly by age 4 most kids understand the concept of getting versus giving. They see mommy and daddy buying fast food or paying bills.  This program uses the concept of  Family to teach money and wealth building strategies, and actually help you create a Family Economy. 


Sandra Weston, Online Financial Coach

Your primary instructor for the training is the President & CEO of Pengrass Financial. Sandra Weston, with over 25 years in the finance industry with a diverse background in accounting, investment analysis, commercial real estate lending and underwriting for GSE lenders. Sandra holds a MBA with concentration in finance, is a National Financial Certified Educator, holds various licenses including insurance license, real estate license and appraiser's licence. She has closed over $2 Billion loan dollars in Multi-family, Student and Senior Housing projects, Hotels and Retail deals. She is also a published author and speaker.

Serving as commercial real estate consultant, she enjoys giving back to the community especially under-served and underrepresented communities. Her greatest labor of love is creating various online platforms that affords open access to wealth building principles and socially conscious programs that will create financial freedom for the next generation. 

For her most recent books click the lick below:




Our program creates partnerships with organizations like the National Financial Educators Council,  independent financial services and Certified Financial Planners to create an action plan. Each program is compiled by a advisement of a team of subject matter experts in finance, accounting and business.  The content keeps growing as we add new courses and content. We also are affiliated with a variety of funding sources to help our members achieve success.

For more information or to speak with one of our credit agents or financial coaches  please call (770) 863-8211 press ext. 4 or email [email protected] 


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