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About Us

The Power to Change Your Financial Life.

We believe everyone deserves financial freedom. But not everyone has it and not everyone knows how to achieve it.  Credit Agent Plus created an online platform that combines life lessons with practical coaching to help people achieve their own power by learning about Credit, Personal Finance and Wealth Management.

Faith Based Wealth Management 

Credit Agent Plus Academy, an online platform that combines practical financial courses with an actionable financial plan. Now offers the option for a faith based financial plan called The 8:18 Plan which is based on the foundational scripture of Deuteronomy 8:18.

Credit Agent Plus begins the process with traditional courses in Credit Education, Personal Wealth and Entrepreneurship and then adds the faith based concepts.

 The online content platform is a unique concept that combines technology, education, and partnerships in order to create strategies that will teach ordinary people how to win in their financial life

Our Mission - To Empower people to take ownership of their financial life and create change in their communities.

Our Goal- To Educate the millions of people who suffered from the Great Recession and educate the future generation, so they don't repeat the mistakes of the past.

Our Purpose:  To develop an online community of wealthy, innovative, social activist who want to change the world and build generational wealth at the same time. 



Coaching is not about making you feel bad instead it is about positive reinforcement of your goals. Credit Agent Plus Academy  provides online financial coaching and business coaching  to hold you accountable regarding your action plan. Every course  is taught with actionable steps in a platform that will result in a certified financial plan.

Our goal is to help you grow through each level of the program and through each financial transition in life.  We incorporate videos, webinars, and traditional curriculum to help our members learn and grow.  We are always developing new curriculum to add and new tools to help you reach your goals. 

Your Business and Financial Coach

Your  primary instructor for the training is the Founder & CEO of Pengrass Capital Partners and co-creator of Credit Agent Plus Academy, Sandra Weston.

Sandra Weston, MBA has over 25 years in the finance industry with a diverse background in accounting, investment analysis, commercial real estate lending and underwriting for secondary markets. Now serving as a business coach and commercial real estate consultant, she enjoys giving back to the community especially under-served and underrepresented communities. Her greatest labor of love is creating online platforms that affords open access to wealth building principles and socially conscious programs that will create financial freedom for the next generations. 

Each program is compiled by a advisement of a team of subject matter experts in finance, accounting and business.  The content keeps growing as we add new courses or course content. 


Our program creates partnerships with organizations like the National Financial Educators Council,  independent financial services and Certified Financial Planners to create an action plan. We also are affiliated with a variety of funding sources to help you find the resources for your 8:18 PLAN.

 For more information or to speak with one of our credit agents or financial coaches please call (888) 351-0775 or email [email protected] 


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